As a prominent family business in Adelaide for many years, here at Slape & Sons we regularly receive requests from students for interviews to assist with their study/courses.  Many of the questions can be answered throughout our website but we have a few more below to be of assistance.


What stages of ownership structure has the business gone through?

1965: Sole Trader

1988: Partnership

2001: Private Company


How is the mission statement fulfilled by owners, managers and employees?

All sectors of the business make their own significant contribution by fulfilling their role consistently and efficiently as defined by their Position Description.


What is the ownership structure of the business? What are some advantages and disadvantages of this ownership structure?

Private Company


Advantages Disadvantages
Limited liability Record keeping
Perpetual succession Greater accountability



What stage are we in, in the Business Life Cycle?

We are in the growth stage; we are continually gaining regular customers and there is still potential market share which we are assessing. Our latest extension to the factory allows us to implement marketing and management strategies to achieve further growth within present and new markets.

How does the business look after employee safety?

At Slape and Sons we have a Production Manager. The role of our Production Manager is to oversee the production process, making sure products are produced on time and meet quality standards while constantly ensuring safety guidelines are followed strictly and standards are consistently managed and up to date.


We abide by Occupational Health and Safety Standards and Quality Assurance Standards.