Slape and Sons Mission Statement

Our mission: to ensure that we provide high quality products and superior customer service and delivery to all our customers, whilst maintaining a positive work environment and organisational culture.

Our Sausages

Slape & Sons has always been and will always be about quality sausages. We are passionate about sourcing the finest quality meat and ingredients Australia wide to ensure we consistently produce superior products.

Our Customers

Our promise to all our customers is to produce quality products and be proficient throughout all processes – production, packaging, orders, deliver and customer service.  Our team has excellent product and customer knowledge and is committed and efficient at all times.

Our Suppliers

Our suppliers are an integral part of running our day-to-day business and we ensure we maintain positive relationships with all our approved suppliers. It is from our suppliers that we are able to provide such high quality products.

Our Neighbourhood

We have been proud sponsors of the Adelaide Crows since 1992. At Slape and Sons, we strive to help the local community including being a partner with the Lions Club.  Also, to assist with fundraising and encourage health, fitness and getting outdoors, we allocate funds to support our nominated local sporting clubs that have been devoted customers to Slape and Sons.

Our Environment

We continue to recycle 90% of all packaging materials. This practice was implemented in 1996. This includes all cartons, shirk wrap, plastic strapping and any pallet liners. In total, this equates to 1800kg per week that could otherwise find its way to landfill. All cardboard roll cores and film webbing is also recycled. All packaging we use is able to be recycled from trays wrap and product labels.