For Customers

For Customers

ARE YOUR PRODUCTS gluten free?

Yes! We are proud to offer a full range of delicious products that are all Gluten Free.

Do your products contain nuts or soy?

Our products do not contain nuts and we have a strict ‘no nut’ policy on the premises. Our products do contain soy.

What casings do you use for your sausages?

We have two types of casings that we use. Collagen casings are artificially processed from collagen derived from the skins of cattle. They are edible and are often more ‘tender’ than a natural casing. Natural casings are derived from the intestinal tract of farmed animals, are edible and bear a close resemblance to the original intestine after processing.  These casings are traditional products that have been used in the production of meat specialties for centuries and have remained virtually unchanged in function and appearance and composition. Salt and water are all that is used for cleaning and preservation. Natural casings have a sheen and breathe, allowing cooking flavours to permeate the casing and infuse the meat, giving the sausage a rich, even flavour throughout.

Do you change the recipe of your products?

Very rarely do we change the actual recipe. We have been making the majority of our sausages/products for many years after initial extensive product development and we find that they are excellent in quality and taste, so no changes needed!

How long can I store the sausages in the fridge?

All our products have a best before date on the packaging so be guided by that date. They can be frozen for up to two months.

How do I cook them?

Preparation is a personal preference but the general rules for cooking our fresh sausages, whether you are grilling, frying or barbequing, are: • Before cooking, cut links with a knife to separate the sausages. • Cook sausages thoroughly and slowly. If you cook them too quickly or on a high heat, it may cause splitting of the skin on the sausage and cause it to go out of shape . • Never prick or puncture the sausage as it lets the juices or flavour escape.